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About Us

About Us

The Detailing Studio was created to provide the very best car detailing for the Brisbane area for people who love their car and want the very best results. You will always receive a personal service from The Detailing Studio, and an unrivalled standard of work, it is a boutique operation that only work on three or four cars per week, not 50+ like some ‘car detailers’ and this ensures your car receives the time and attention it deserves.


Would a regular ‘car detailer’ go to the effort of measuring your paintwork with an electronic paint depth gauge, before polishing it – most car detailers do not even own or know about the equipment required for this, but it is very important. Would a regular ‘car detailer’ use the very best products and machines from Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA to achieve the very best results on your car – again most regular car detailers do not even know of these products, techniques or machines. Most ‘car detailers’ use cheap commercial products that are harsh and offer very short term shine rather than permanent professional glossy results that will last you months if not years.


The Detailing Studio is not a regular ‘car detailer’ – the reality is that car detailing takes time and effort, most of our details will take at least 5 – 8 hours with some paint corrections lasting 3 – 4 days!


Here at The Detailing Studio you will either deal with Rob or Chris, both are very passionate about car care and detailing, they have always cared for their own cars and turned professional some time ago having spent many years in the car care industry.


So when you call or visit The Detailing Studio there are no secretaries, or sales people – you talk to Rob or Chris, who will offer expert, professional and honest advice on your car.