CAR Detailing & Paint Correction
We have been Detailing and Polishing some of the finest cars in Brisbane for many years, previously in our old studios in Coorparoo, and now in our state-of-the-art facility in Murrarie. We offer specialist detailing services to boost your car’s protection, or enhance the paint’s depth and shine – think of it like a Spa for your Car to refresh and renew. In addition we offer Paint Correction; intensive paint polishing to completely revive paint and safely restore the gloss back to a factory finish, whether it be for a daily driver or show car.   

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Car Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the permanent removal of imperfections within your car paint to reveal a perfect, deep, glossy shine – just like the day your car left the factory. Paint Correction is not just a ‘cut or buff’ it is a complete transformation of your car’s paintwork and requires a lot of time and expertise, it is for customers who are looking for the best possible finish for their car paint.

Daily wear and driving produce imperfections like; swirl marks, water spots, light scratches and even bird etching marks that can leave your paint looking tired and dull. Paint Correction can usually remove most of these without the high cost and inconvenience of respraying your car.

At The Detailing Studio we inspect your car to evaluate the paint condition and the thickness of the paint before we offer a recommendation and quotation. Based on our years’ of experience and considering these factors to fully assess your car, will allow us to provide you with an informative and accurate time and cost for correcting your paintwork.

We use only the very best car polishes, abrasives and polishing equipment to revive your car, imported from Germany and the US, these are highly effective on nearly all paint finishes including single stage, clear coat and even the latest ceramic-clear coatings.

Once completed professionally, good paint correction can last for many years, it is not something that needs to be repeated frequently – proper washing, protection and maintenance are the key to keeping your paint in excellent condition.

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German Polishes & Compounds

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Premium Car Detailing & Paint Protection

Protection Booster Detail

From $495 includes:

This detail is the perfect after-care solution to maintain a vehicle protected with the Gyeon paint protection system, or newer well cared for vehicles that are in need of a ‘Birthday’ to bring them back up to showroom standards and offer new protection on the paint..

  • Paint: Paint Cleanse and Application of a Ceramic Quartz Booster for added Protection
  • • Interior: Leather cleaned & conditioned, Dash & plastics dressed, Carpets vacuumed
  • Wheels: Wheel decontaminated, Brake dust removed, Protection booster applied, Tyres dressed
  • Windows: All glass cleaned inside & out

Enhancement Car Detail

From $695 includes:

This detail is for car lovers that are focused on their paint and exterior appearance.
Your car is probably in a reasonably good condition already, but you are looking for a better finish to the paintwork to reveal a deeper gloss and shine. This detail is a light clean and vacuum on the inside, with the major work happening on the exterior. The paintwork is pre-foamed, carefully washed and then cleansed with a clay bar to remove all contamination and reveal the true condition. A combination of selected high quality light and/or medium polishes are then used to refine imperfections and develop a new depth and gloss in the paint. After this a durable paint Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating is applied to lock in the finish and offer ongoing protection. The Enhancement Detail is designed to remove light marks like holograms, buffer trails and light swirl marks, it will not remove deeper swirl marks, etchings from bird droppings, medium to heavy scratches or heavily oxidised paints – if your car is in this condition it will need Paint Correction..

  • Paint: Single stage of paint correction, followed by a coating of Gyeon Quartz Can Coat
  • Interior: Leather cleaned, carpets vacuumed, dash & plastics dressed
  • Wheels: All wheels cleaned & decontaminated, tyres dressed

Paint Correction

Starts from $800 and is based on $120 per hour includes:
If your vehicle is in need of a deeper more intense process to remove marring, medium scratching, etchings, or hard water marks, this is your ideal solution. Paint correction is quoted on an hourly basis, and requires an obligation free inspection and analysis of the paint condition in our studio prior to quoting a final price.

  • Paint: Multi-stage paint correction based on an obligation free in store inspection & quote

Window Tinting

We offer a range of window tinting additions to our paint protection kits, using a range of films from Suntek and 3M

  • From $425 for our Suntek darkest legal window film

Wheel Repairs

We offer on site wheel repairs to fix those nasty kerb strikes while your car is here for protection or detailing

  • Mild Gutter Rash repairs from $220

Deep Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

If your leather is dry, hard or aged then we can offer a rejuvenation that will soften even the oldest leathers, putting that moisture back into them. This service can take up to 3 or 4 days of intense treatment, and is ideal for older real hide and non-coated leather. The price of this service varies greatly depending on the current condition of your leather and the amount to be treated, please contact us for further details and to discuss your needs

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