Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection Coatings will deliver unrivalled paint protection for your new car. Ceramic Quartz Coatings are designed to last for years, unlike older technology of a traditional wax or sealant. These innovative Paint Protection Coatings are the most capable form of protection against UV damage and contamination like pollution, insects and road grime, while delivering exceptionally high levels of gloss and significantly reducing maintenance washing time, for a fast and simple process.

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Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings offer innovative real protection for your car, significantly more advanced than regular waxes or sealants. Based on SiO2 technology, the complex nano particle structure offers exceptional bonding of the coating to the surface providing long term protection to every surface of your vehicle. This is real protection from harmful environmental factors such as UVA and UVB rays, acid rain, pollution, bugs, tar and many more contaminants that can cause long term significant damage to your cars paint.

We also offer protection for other areas of your car. The Interior can have a coating applied to the leather to help against spills, UV aging and dye transfer from jeans and other clothing. While the Carpets and Mats can have a sealant applied to also help against spills and daily living. Your wheels can have a ceramic quartz coating applied which will help to minimise brake dust and make them easier to clean. And lastly a coating for glass to repel water and liquids from your windscreen and windows, discouraging dirt and grime from sticking.

Self-Cleaning Effect

UV Resistant

Extreme Gloss & Slickness

Fully Certified Protection

Easy Maintenance Washing

9H Increased Hardness

Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex – Infinite Warranty

Gyeon Quartz Flash – 10 Year Warranty

Ultimate Protection Package

From $1,499 includes:

This is the prestige package for those looking to protect the entire car inside and out to the highest level including our super-slick two layer Gyeon Quartz DuraFlex Paint Protection Coating, the extremely durable Leather Protection, Fabric Coating to protect against spills on carpets and mats and UV protection for trim. This package includes an Infinite warranty on all paint protection.

  • Paint: Premium Two Layer Gyeon DuraFlex protection for a super-slick, super hard finish, Infinite Warranty*
  • Interior: Premium Leather & Fabric protections for spill & stain resistance and UV protection

Pro Protection Package

From $799 includes:

This is the ideal package for those looking for durable protection at an affordable price point, while still covering the interior and exterior of the car;  including; Gyeon Quartz Flash for long lasting paint protection, Leather Coating on seats, Fabric Coating on carpets & floor mats and UV protection for trim. This package includes a 10 year warranty on all paint protection.

  • Paint: Gyeon Quartz Flash – Fully Certified Coating for years of slick, glossy protection – 10yr Warranty
  • Interior: Gyeon Quartz Leather, Fabric & Trim protection for spill, stain, and UV protection

Paint Protection

Only concerned about your paintwork? We offer a range of solutions for Professionally Applied Paint Protection – all professionally applied in our state of the art studio and Infra Red cured to offer excellent durabilty and gloss.

  • From $649 for Gyeon Quartz Flash – Fully Certified 10 year warranty*
  • From $1,349 for Gyeon Quartz Gyeon DuraFlex – Fully Certified Infinite warranty*

Interior Protection

Protect against UV damage, spills and stains, as well as protection against colour transfer from clothing.

  • From $200 for our premium protection covering Leather Shield and Fabric for Carpets and Mats

Wheel Protection

Make wheels easier to clean, stop brake dust biting in and pitting your expensive rims.

  • Face Only option from $150
  • Full Wheel options from $500

Glass Coatings

Adding an invisible durable coating to glass surfaces to protect against water spotting and make rain and water simply disappear.

  • Windscreen Only option from $100
  • Full Windows and Windscreen options from $250

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